Ergonomics is no longer a catchphrase for laboratories. It’s an essential tool for maintaining employee health and productivity (and a smart investment in an era when the average work comp award is $65,000!).

Ergonomic Swivel ChairAt LTD, we have a full line of ergonomic office furniture– from adjustable-height work tables and desks to supportive seating to workstations designed for employee comfort and health.

The concept makes sense. Physicians have long said that humans were not built to sit for long periods of time. Studies show that workers who move around frequently, or stand instead of sitting, are more alert and feel less fatigue at the end of the day. Prolonged sitting, it is said, causes weight gain and chronic back pain.
Find out how LTD Office Solutions can offer ergonomic, affordable ways to increase productivity and reduce your risk of employee injury.

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Ergonomic Chairs

  • We have a wide range of comfortable, ergonomically correct chairs for the office
  • Swivel chair supports the lower back and allows ease of movement

Blue Ergonomic Office Chair for Sale  Ergonomic Swivel Chair for Sale  Office Ergonomic Chair for Sale

Ergonomic Desks

  • Adjustable conference tables and desks adapt to the height of the workers
  • Access rail brings the entire desktop within safe reach

Ergonomic Office Desk for sale  Ergonomic Office Desk for sale
Ergnomic Gliding Stool for sale

Ergonomic Gliding Stools

  • Gliding stools encourage healthy posture and free-range work style



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