Floor-To-Ceiling Dividers


Today’s corporation is constantly adapting, changing, growing, evolving. Historically, that would have been a building nightmare, with inflexible sheetrock walls and hard-wired electrical systems that require days if not weeks to construct.

Today there is another option: floor-to-ceiling dividers that offer privacy, better noise-reduction than sheetrock, can be installed in a matter of hours with no dust, paint or construction debris . . . a custom-made office for the same price as sheetrock, and a depreciation schedule (five years) that’s the same as furniture.

And when your company evolves further . . . floor-to-ceiling dividers can be moved to accommodate a new situation.

Ask us about the modern alternative to the corner office– a beautiful solution that can be set up anywhere you need it.

Floor-To-Ceiling Office Dividers  Office Floor-To-Ceiling Dividers

Floor-To-Ceiling Dividers  Certified Carbon Neutral Floor-To-Ceiling Dividers

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